I hate when people bitch about fans preferring Myles over Axl, or vice versa. Myles obviously does a fantastic job doing GNR songs (and his own) or he wouldn’t have had the extremely successful tour he had with Slash, and if he didn’t have a good voice then Alter Bridge would be nothing. Axl is the original singer for GNR, so obviously a lot of people would prefer him. I mean he wrote most of the songs, so I get it. But don’t go off on Myles because you think “his voice is annoying.” He just came back from a world tour and he’s coming out with another Alter Bridge album because people like his music, which includes his voice. Myles is an amazing performer whether you like it or not, and if you don’t like his voice, that’s your opinion. But don’t start a riot among all the fans because you can’t handle someone other than Axl singing GNR songs. And don’t say that other people in the fandom are a disgrace, look at yourself, the one bashing another performer. Have some respect, honestly. Grow up.

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Posted on Wednesday, 23 January
Tagged as: holy mother of jesus seriously just deal with it your bitching and moaning wont prevent myles from singing guns n roses songs good god